Arduino Nano with push button

This is the first time the LED reacts to the button. All other examples didn’t work. I have tried different videos from YouTube with pull up resistors, pull down and so on.

I’m not getting any change in the serial monitor when I push the button.
I use a Nano.
I’m not getting the shifting in 0 and 1 I the beginning of the example

Video 1 shows that the button reacts, but not every time. I guess I need a pull up resistor, also to stop the randomly blinking.

Video 2 shows that pull up resistor. I put a resistor from 5v to the button input where the pin 2 is also connected and then the light is off and the button does not work.

Video 3 is the same setting as video 1, but the LED turns off when I touch the USB input.

//I could not upload the videos.

What is the code you are using in your conditions for video 2?